Madadeni Faith Outreach started out 10 years ago with only one person praying at the Madadeni Hospital in Newcastle once a week. We now have two preachers who go out everyday praying and healing the sick. We have also expanded to other rural areas where people are not exposed to the Gospel. We buy bibles and distribute them to those that request them and to new believers. We are believing God for more donors to be able to buy more bibles in English and Zulu. We go out to the rural schools and preach and pray there as well.

We are also hoping to start a feeding scheme at the rural schools soon. With the donations we receive we will be able to do more and go further with the Gospel. We pray and trust our Lord Jesus Christ for the funding this Ministry requires to go further and reach more people and hopefully by next year be able to build a Church for the rural community. So far God has been with us and we trust Him for great things in this Ministry. All Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

At this stage of our Ministry we cannot afford to employ more people, but from the donations we receive we will be able to go to the more rural areas and pray and minister to the people. We don’t have the funds to train and equip more people into the Ministry. We have a few donors at this stage that keep this Ministry going and we are grateful and thankful for their faithfulness to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils
  • Freely you received, freely give


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